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Oh, hell no.

I've seen some pretty awesome and bizarre Xbox 360 case mods...but this one scares me.
This video is sick. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

Look what Fox 5 is hiding!


The Secret Lives of Storm Troopers

Go here and tell me this doesn't make you giggle. A lot.


Sometimes geeks have babies. It's bound to happen. And when they do geeky baby clothes should be readily available. I like these. Not to say this geek will be having kids any time soon but some of you might already have some or be considering it as an option.

So good...c'mon!

This is so awesome! I love creative people!

iTunes to take down Walmart?

Check out this article guys! This is one of the millions of reasons I love iTunes (but probably shouldn't). 


Geek Boys

I know some geek boys just don't have a way with the ladies (unless you're Strong Bad, natch) but I thought this article was pretty great! 


Clearly I wasn't getting the most out of Amazon. Thanks to this Lifehaker article I'll never be without a gift for a relative, toilet paper, or free shipping again.