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Tell me this doesn't make you smile!

This is amazingly fun!

A new tubisode coming up!

Stay tuned for an amazing tubisode w/ Mike "Birdman" Dodd from This Week in Geek! :)

Tubisode 27: Available now!

Don't forget to come check out Tubisode 27!



pinkg33k on skype and leave us a voicemail!

Let's A Go!

This sexy motherfucker is going to be auctioned off for Child's Play!


There are real fucking pirates out there! I knew it!


Now this is cool!

Check this out and tell me you don't want it to be a poster!

Check it out!

Check out the first trailer to the new Hellboy movie! I'm stoked.

Could this possibly be true?

Could this possibly be true? I'm not sure that I even hope so...I saw it for the first time here. 

I've been a bad g33k.

Hey everybody, it's LaLa! I know it's been awhile since I've posted any updates or game releases or anything but I PROMISE to be a better podcasting ruler of the universe and post more things for you. Soon I'll have a couple of game reviews, some news, and some new tubisodes on the way. Keep your eyes peeled and your tubes open!

G33k <3,


The show

Due to the fact that the Ninja and I both have no money and I have no computer Pink G33k is taking an extended vacation. Lord knows when we'll be back. Thanks for your support.